Dave Livesey

Chef/Owner David Livesey has been involved in the New England culinary scene for all of his career.

Attending Newbury College in Brookline Massachusetts, Chef Livesey developed a vast appreciation for the diverse food scene the Boston area offers. He spent a great amount of time working with, and studying foods from around the world. In 2004 Livesey studied Wine and Spirits in Europe, traveling to France, Italy, and Monaco. After graduating culinary school, he has worked as an Executive Chef, General Manager, and Catering Chef at various establishments in and around New England.

As an avid outdoorsman, Chef Livesey was brought up to appreciate the bounty that nature in New England offers. Through years of hunting, fishing, exploring, and camping Livesey developed a professional and personal mission to educate the masses about the importance of sustainability, and the benefits of farm/forest to table food.

Living in Northern RI with his wife Kristen, the duo has mastered the art of cooking and entertaining for all occasions. Kristen’s innovative cooking style combined with David’s knowledge of BBQ, Seafood, and Game meats has laid the groundwork for the Open Season Concept.

I want to share with everybody the foods that I have grown to love in ways that are both adventurous, delicious, and surprisingly comfortable. Food should be fun. We can all benefit from the knowledge of where our foods come from. There is nothing more fresh, organic, or flavorful than an ingredient that has been harvested from our own backyards."